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This firm is founded on three principles: Respect. Straight talk. Results.

Not coincidentally, these are three tenets of executive coaching that create value for our clients.

We don’t believe that people are broken, so we don’t try to fix them. We do believe that personal transformation is possible and that leaders must sometimes modify their behaviors to deliver outstanding results.

The greatest leaders, athletes, and political figures in history have benefited from coaching and mentoring. Our executive coaching is not for remediation. It is intended to serve leaders who are successful by any objective standard to move beyond their current capabilities to extraordinary leadership.

We help leaders who want to play a bigger game than they are playing today. Those who believe that they are there to serve the people that serve the customers that pay 100% of their salaries. Those who want to leave a legacy.

Our founder, David Porter, has spent his career inside organizations, leading teams small and large in organizations of all sizes, to expand their capabilities and to serve at a higher level, delivering financial results and leaving a legacy of leaders with greater abilities along the way.

His passion for leaving the companies and people he serves better than he found them guides every coaching session. And because he has experienced the C-level firsthand, he brings tangible lessons to the table to help leaders take the next step.

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