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Welcome to David Porter Advisors!

We are experts in creating high performance teams and companies by combining process, people and critical measures with clear leadership actions to accelerate results.

Our approach is simple, we spend time with you and your team to understand your mission, vision, culture, leadership and challenges. We value three things above all else: Respect. Straight talk. Results. We bring those three things to every engagement and interaction with you.

We don’t believe people are broken, so we don’t try to fix them. We do believe that personal transformation is possible and that leaders must sometimes modify their behaviors to deliver outstanding results.

We don’t believe processes are an end in themselves. We do believe that designed processes can release the potential of your team to do their best work for customers.

We don’t believe monthly financial statements provide enough information to run your business. We do believe that key indicators, both qualitative and quantitative, can provide rapid feedback for decision making and performance improvement.

If we mutually agree that our offer and our work styles are a good fit, our commitment is to provide you with the respect, straight talk and results that far exceed your expectations.


We recognize that there are many ways to reach an outcome and we will respect your time, your money, your values and your culture as we serve you and your team.


Straight Talk

A key element of respect is providing you with straight answers to your questions and straightforward guidance through your leadership challenges. You deserve and will receive nothing less than 100% candor and straight talk in our relationship.


We exist to serve your needs and help you deliver people, process, customer and financial results that are defined at the beginning of our engagement. If we don’t deliver, you don’t pay. It’s as simple as that.

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